Hang Out - Dunedin!

Well, certainly there is more to Dunedin than that it is just a student town … moreover; there is a need to do leisure research as a tourism student! For example St. Kilda beach (1)... just at the south end of town and one of the spots for surfing ... hey and none of these chair and towel fights like in italy!

Another exellent spot for a little recreation is the Otago Peninsula, everything possible from "sandeln"(2) on one of the nice beaches (3) there or just to hang out with the locals there (4)(5)... yeah I know the penguins are missing ... but I am con the mission to get a nice shot at 'em as well!

...and to have a look into new challenges ... there is Long Beach, excellent for climbing ... and I made it almost straight to the top. (6)

But the action is not only on the beaches ... good old Harbour Terrace keeps us busy as well (7) ... and after a stressful day at the beach ... a good meal is compulsory (8) ... by the way always check out Jens' favourite recipes on the pinboard at Moe's Bar!!!

(1) (2)