Getting started in Dunedin!

Finally, we arrived in Dunedin, and after 3 days of intensive research of the local real estate market, we found our new home for this year, almost in the heart of the Dunedin student living area - Harbour Terrace. (1) ... our moving in celebration. Well, but after living here for a while, I have to admit ... it is was not the best choice... means it comes close to English flats... central heating- never heard of! Nevermind, but next year the Victorian Dream House is the goal ...with or without heating.

(2) and (3) pictures of Dunedin ... (4) and the streets are for sure steep..., steepest street in the world -Baldwin Street- is in Dunedin. What more to Dunedin... got about 120000 people here...about 25000 are students... means it is quite lively, hey and even a church is transformed in club - called the mission, well to sum it up nightlife is not outreagous but its fine ... and hey ...only here to study!

As usual first week of Uni means just getting pissed, everyday... here it is called Orientation Week - just outside of the flat is Logan Park where one of the many happenings with prizes and whatever were... (5) here even with helicopter, well and the bars tab beer for only 10DM for 3 litres and other bagains! cheers!

(1) (2)