Svenja`s corner

Here you will find some amazing stories and pictures about Svenjas vacation

on the spanish island of Gran Canaria

The lovely Svenja
Svenja at the beach enjoying the time and....
The loveliest sunset over Tenerife
What a bar-crew
Some nice guys.......
Jojo the phenomenon
Edgar - the monster dog
No I`m not leaving tonight!!
Bar moments
We have fun
The canarian dream boys
What a smile
Ohh jeeeehhhh!!!! Tequila
Still too much Tequila
Las Palmas - feeling good !!!
My sweet Svenja
Cash please !
el ex-jefe
Yvonne in Las Palmas

This is my bar - fun, alcohol, dancing... ........and how about working ?

My sweet castle

Kreuzfahrt - fehlt nur noch Sascha Hehn!!!

bei der Arbeit... nach der Arbeit...